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Débutez dès aujourd'hui votre entreprise de location de conteneur et vous serez au coeur d'une industrie en plein essor. Pouvant générer des bénéfices dès la première année de $50,000 et près de $200,000 la troisième année d'opération.
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Renobac Franchise

Best Business Opportunity

Renobac FranchiseAlthough the RENOBAC's concept resembles a franchise, be assured that this is not the case, it has no franchise fees , or royalty, or other expenses except for the purchase of the equipment required to operate your business . Consisting of:
1 ROLL-OFF trailer (21,000 lbs gvw.)
6 containers (10 cu. yds.) (straight from the manufacturer)

Your new venture could generate a $50,000 profit in the first year, and $200,000 in the third year, with the growth of the business. Furthermore, we have established several partnerships with nationally recognized credit institutions, allowing you to start yourself in business with monthly payments as low as $495 for the first year.

Franchise Renobac
Doing business directly with the manufacturer…

RENOBAC™ is the exclusive distributor for Fabrox, a roll off and container manufacturer located in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Fabrox has been in business for over 15 years and is the leader in the Tri-Axle Roll off trailer in North America. Meeting the highest quality standards with our equipments allowed us to develop the RENOBAC™ business concept five years ago, and to take the residential waste management to the next level.

Today, over 60 operators are successfully benefiting from our turnkey system and the versatility of our equipments.

  1. The RENOBAC™ concept fits perfectly in the actual socio-economical tendencies. The number of renovation/construction permits keeps climbing each year. The value of already existing homes is climbing, which encourages people to renovate their home because they have found their well-being in their environment and they want to invest more in their comfort.
  2. There is an increasing request for renovation permits throughout the country. According to the latest study, over 30% of the existing homes will be renovated and upgraded this year and the ratio is expected to grow within the next five years.
  3.  In 2005, the average amount of money spent by Canadians on a home renovation project was $2,500. This amount will keep increasing in future years and has reached $11,000 today, according to the latest CHMC report.
  4. Entrepreneurs have taken for a record value of 60.7 billion dollars in construction permits last year in Canada, 9.3% more than the old record of 55.6 billion dollars reached in 2004.
  5. Annual RBC Home Renovations Study Finds 76% Of Canadian Homeowners Plan To Renovate In The Next Two Years

Our trailer is the only one in the market to be tri-axle, for a total GVW of 21000lbs, greater stability and a better weight distribution.
The Honda engine of 11 HP assembled with an electric starter and alternator for recharging battery. This engine activates a gear pump of type 16/4 GPM. The remote control can manage 4 electrics valves for different operation of the winch. The gasoline tank is easily accessible by the top of the gooseneck.
The hydraulic winch is activated by two double-action, 4" dia. and 48" long, cylinders, for a total lifting power of 75 000 pounds. The winch uses a 5/8" cable on 5 pulleys of 10 " dia. each.
Our containers have been optimized for heavier hauling capabilities and to reduce the operation costs:


  • Our containers are nestable, allowing you to save on transportation and storage.
  • The containers lateral walls are made of a single steel sheet, making them structurally stronger and also lighter by 500 lbs.
  •  Our equipments provide durability, help up improve your your bottom line, and allow you to offer the best service:  thanks to the enhanced maneuverability, you will be able to access tight and hard to reach areas, without causing any damage on your customers property and pavement (tire prints, oil leaks caused by heavier trucks, etc.).

This is what RENOBAC™ does for you:

  • Market study, to determine the potential in the area you will be operating in.
  • Business plan, to present the project to financing institutions
  • Looking for financing and credit applications
  • Graphic design: going from your business logo to the lettering of your equipments and start-up printings (business cards, brochures, etc…)
  • Design, hosting and updating your container rental website.
  • New: online rental requests
  • Contractor solicitation through fax-mailing with several partnership programs offered.
  • Telemarketing follow-up, targeting all the potential customers in your area.

Whether your business has just started, or is well established, we have a financing solution for you. RENOBAC™ is a one stop business opportunity, providing support to help find the right loan to start your business. We work with nationally recognized financial companies to serve our clients financing needs.
For those who qualify, Financing plans that could start with as little as $500 payments during the first year with 10,000-20,000$ cash down ($0 if already in business with good credit).

    • Interested parties should have at least $10,000-$20,000 to invest.

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